Language development

Language development. Behavioral theory of language development. The linguistic approach to language learning. The interactionist theory of language development. How animation can support children in their language development?

Animation can support children in their language development in many ways. Animation can be very useful for language development. Children can learn a lot of things while they are watching animation films. They can learn how to talk correct, learn the names of different things, learn to recognize sounds, colours, animals and so on.. To watch animation and to learn from it is much more easier for children, because they are more interested in animation, than in books or theorys. And if children is interested in that what they are learning, they will learn it well and will remember it longer. Because child can see actions and hear sounds meanwhile he is watching animation, and it is better than just to listen to teacher, sometimes is difficult to remember everything what teacher is saying, it is hard to pay attention when you hear boring theorys only, it won´t be useful for child, he won´t remember as much as from animation films. Of course parents and teachers must watch what kind of animation child is watching, because there are bad animation where child can learn bad, aggressive and cruel behavior.

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