Late adulthood

Late adulthood.

Late adulthood is wonderful stage of life. It is freedom stage. So, there are 2 kinds of seniors .First group-who interestingly spend their time, for example, participating in events, concerts like it is shown in 1pic. And other group of seniors- who just sit at home, watch TV and think that their life is over like in pic 2. Well, I think that people in 1 picture life is awesome! They decide how to spend time, because they have total independence. Furthermore, in this part of life people could practice their favorite activities such as singing, dancing or painting. But, for people who sit at home, this part of life becomes the most boring part of life.

People in such venerable age have a lot of experience in their lives- how to grow kids, how to work, spend and safe money, I really like to talk with my grandmother about life problems, because she have her own position but also she tries to understand my view too.

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  • Late adulthood
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