Leadership. Autocratic management style. Democratic management style. Liberal management style. Personal qualities of a leader. Dictonary. Literature. Leadership is one of the group processes taking place in other countries of the organization of group processes such as conflict decision-making staff assessment group dynamics affect public use. Being head of the organization means to be a competent person. Who is able to set goals that can be achieved in conjunction with staff members in leadership skills and knowledge with the leadership style. So a person whom the organization has given special powers taken to be the leader and leadership is the ability to affect the group that it achieve its goals. Leadership style is a guide to the behavior of subordinates, the nature of when you want to influence them and encourage the achievement of organizational goals.

There are three approaches to the management style and the three principles of classification:

According to personal characteristics. This theory, also known as the great men theory. According to this theory, the best leaders have a shared set of all the personal attributes (intelligence level of knowledge, impresive appearance, integrity, intiative, prudence, self – confidence).

According to heard of behavior. Managerial efficiency is not influenced by the properties and the ability to communicate with staff. K. Lennon identified autocratic democratic and liberal treatment manuals. According to the head of behavior as well as on management style that focuses on work and management style that focuses on people.

This style is based on the fact that managers may act directly subordinates. Scientist Mc. Gregor argues that there is at least two ways in which the manager can act subordinate ( X and Y theories ).

Cover middle man waiting for him to lead. It tries to avoid responsibility and have little ambition. A middle cover man did not need dangers;

The majority of people lack of ingenuity and hard to replace them.

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