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Anglų esė. Learning English.

So, the chart shows ways which help to become better English language user. The majority of respondents think that the best way to improve knowledge of English, is to use English websites to find information. Thirty three percent of people believe that watching TV will help Only fifteen percent of respondents tell, that communicating with English speakers at Internet forums is the best way of learning languages. And the minority of respondents think that C-ROM’s for grammar and vocabulary, and E-mail or text-messages to English speakers will help to improve English knowledge.

I think, the main advantage of studying language in the country where it is spoken, is that you can easily become very good speaker of that language. I believe that summer course is a good way to learn a language. Because skillful teachers can explain you grammar rules and other language difficulties in order to improve your knowledge, and also you can expand your vocabulary and of course, meet new people.

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