Learning through play

Summarys. Introduction. Tips on how to help your child learn through play. Learn play form. Environment stimulating to play and learn. Learning through computer games. Conclusion. Recomandations. Dictionary.

Games – Childhood Vaikystėje thing because it involves playing a child – a happy childhood. The game value is of paramount importance to the child's upbringing, as well as the training that you get on Earth. An internal stems from a child's game of reasoned. This dynamic process which stimulates the growth of curiosity, eager to actively explore, experiment. Interest in the game then moves to the abstract thinking and learning. A child placed the game tied with the real world and so knows the reality of it. What is important is that the child through susipažįstą activities on the environment and human beings, establishes a relationship between the two. Playing a child not only fashionable but good behavior, practicing and learning challenges to achieving this goal. So, playing a child builds itself, and it is obvious that in this way the personality developing knowledge and find myself. Each toy is aimed at the achievement of the basic objective, such as a child to teach separate colors within drawing, to learn how to play under, and so share with one another, and a number of different ways to help a child during the game to learn what it is important and necessary to know. Currently, there is a popular computer games as a child provides also for a whole range of knowledge, information and fun spending time.

Learning throught play Learning the game the most pertinent to children as it is the main activities which promote good emotions, memories and learning phase.

Set learning play dependence to a child and how it works.

Games learning method is widely used in non- formal learning situations, however formal education in it looked like a mini and to non – traditional activities. From the very first day the child is traying to understand the world, exploring, rolling, throwing, placing objects in the mouth. We call it the games, and the children – this is a serious action and you learn to know the world. The game is not only fun, but also helps to learn and at the time the child is gaining leeway becomes like an explorer, develops and develops new skills, playing educational games are exposed to basic child harvest: Vision, hearing, touch and emotion. Because young children there is no difference between play and learning for them it is one and the same. He does not feel that playing is learning how to be self-confident, how to build relationships with nearby to expand their language, observe the rules distinguish between what is healthy and useful way to define your own or a friend's personality. Children are very important to the game, meaning that he like and is interested in, but also it is important to achieve a result.

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