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Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonard was born in 1452. 15 April. Town of Vinci in Tuscany (da Vinci means "from Vinci"), 30 km from Florence. "Vinci" at that time meant the name of the tribe and was not, as usual Renaissance artists, painter nickname referring to the place of origin. Leonardo recorded the birth of his paternal grandfather, Antonio da Vinci family book. Leonardo was the illegitimate child and grew up in his father's notary Ser Piero da Vinci family. Father worked in Florence, as well as many relatives of the previous representatives, known since the times of Dante. Grandfather Antonio, providing details about the birth of government institutions, mentions that Catherine Leonard was a kid. Who was his mother Katherine, the conjecture remains subject. Popular version says that it was a peasant family or famous daughter, whose names could not be disclosed. Leonard still probably familiar with his mother, because it is mentioned that in 1493. he accepted to live in his home in Milan woman named Katherine, and passed it to her death two years later.

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