Letter of recommendation

Letter of recommendation.

From the beginning of this first teaching year, when he joined us in September of 2006, he impressed me with attention to detail this classroom was then, and is now, the most organized classroom I have ever seen, bar none. His attention to every detail – the placement of desks, the grouping of students and the use of technological tools in the room – makes the room an ideal learning environment. Similarly, his lesson planning, from that first year through to the present, includes carefully crafting each question, each prompt and each sample problem to insure maximum student success. He never allows an extraneous detail to become the obstacle on which a student may stumble.

In addition, Mr. Kunce shows a deep level of personal regard for this interaction with his students; he takes each conversation (mathematical and personal) to heart. Very often, he will ask to speak to me about a conversation he has had with a struggling student so that can review what happened, what said, and low he might have handled the moment differently.

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