Letter to a friend - Norway

Letter to a friend - Norway.

If you didn’t know already, Norway is located in Northern Europe so it could be a little chilly sometimes. In that case you should pack some winter clothes. I’ll tell you more about Norwegian nature and landscape. The most defining feature of the country is “Scandinavian Mountains”. The mountains go north, comprising large parts of the country. Norway is famous for its fjords. Fjord is a long narrow entrance with cliffs. They are very beautiful! Also in Norway there a lot more beautiful and interesting places to visit such as: “Geirangerfjord“, It‘s one of the most tourist visited fjord and it has an incredible sight! Fredrikstad Fortress is known as the Old Town, It‘s one of the three cities in Norway to have been surrounded by fortifications. Arctic Circle is another popular tourist attraction, just because of its spectacular Northern Lights in winter.

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  • Letter to a friend - Norway
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