Letter to penfriend

Anglu rasinys pen friend. A letter for a penfriend anglu.

I’m very pleased that we’re going to be penfriends .In this letter I’ll tell you a little about myself .Please do the same when you write to me.
I live in an area of Mact Bern called Keller. It’s not far from the city centre. We can walk there or go by car. There are woods and a nice river nearby where I take my dog Funnt for a walk or swim.

I live with my parents and my younger brother, Jacob. My father is a software engineer and my mother has a part time job as a secretary. I go to a secondary school. Our house is opposite the school. Sometimes when I’m having breakfast I can see my friends going into the classroom. Then my mother says, „Hurry up, Johny, you’re late again”.

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  • Letter to penfriend
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