Letters to L’Oréal Baltic SIA

Letters to L’Oréal Baltic SIA.

We are pleased to enclose our new catalog together with samples of our promotion gifts.

After you have read the enclose brochure, I’m sure you will agree that our company offers the newest make up products. Simply return the enclose order form and let L’Oréal make your business even more profitable.

The crème “Sensitive” complained about skin irritation and caused rashes. We conducted a study which showed that in the crème is increased allergen content. Because we sell only the highest quality products we stopped the remaining unsold cream trade. Also , we compensate customers losses.

We have now tested crème “Luxe”, and agree it is not perfect. The deficiencies have been rectified. Of course we will return your money and pay for losses.

We trust you will accept this being a fair and reasonable solution this matter.

In checking our package, we found that 5 lip-glosses “Glamour” is defective.

As you have no doubt, overlooked this lip-glosses that we send together.

Is there any reason why you are not paying this bill? Would you like to call and talk it over with us?

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