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Current situation analysis Business and company identification. Selecting the market and portfolio of analyses. Introduction to selected field of analyses. External analysis. Macro environmental analyses. Market segmentation and customer analyses. Competitor Analyses. SWOT Analysis Strenghts , Weakneses , Opportunities , Threats. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities. Overall market. Developing Strategic Guidelines Market attractiveness. Competitive position. Strategic guidelines. Position for segment.

UAB (limited liability company) ‘Uostamiesčio Langai’ is a Lthuanian company producing aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls and conservatories. The company offers a wide spectrum of thermally insulated aluminium and uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) profile products for all market segments – from residential to commercial and industrial projects. The company has been established in 2003 by Gintautas Kurlavičius who decided to build a manufacturing house in Klaipeda and produce aluminium and uPVC profile systems. The aluminium and uPVC profile solutions which are produced by the company became highly recognized due to its high quality and high burglar resistance levels. Company soon started serving not only the local market but exporting its production all around the Europe. In addition, company started cooperating with the real estate development companies. Such cooperation allowed the company to decrease its production costs and made the company able to offer even more competitive prices not only for other businesses or household but for the public competitions as well. Today UAB Uostamiesčio Langai has projects in Lithuania, Latvia and Norway. The company employs 13 employees locally at its factory and 8 people in Latvia and Norway combined.

UAB ‘Uostamiesčio Langai’ is a limited liability company. It is owned by a single shareholder Gintautas Kurlavicius. The company reached 3 million LTL of annual turnover in 2013 with a yearly growth rate of 8.5% and 7.7% growth rate in 2012 (see annex No 1).

Most of the turnover (around 70%) comes from the domestic sales in Lithuania. However the company is actively seeking for its successful presence in international markets. The company has started cooperating with two real estate development companies Hanner Lietuva and the Moelven Nordia AS that run commercial projects in Latvia and Norway respectively.

Currently Uostamiesčio Langai offers the portfolio of more than 10 products, which could be segmented into four areas: window systems, doors, curtain walls and conservatories (see Annex No. 2).

Uostamiesčio Langai sells its production to private and public sectors. Competition in both sectors is very intense. If we look at the whole European aluminium and uPVC profile windows producing industry, Uostamiečio Langai is much smaller company compared to its major competitors. Even when analysing only Lithuanian market which is considered as the major market of the company, Uostamiesčio Langai has a very small market share. In the private sector the company has around 0,8% of the market share while in public sector company has only around 1,12% of the market share.

However, these figures do not reflect the competitiveness of Uostamiesčio Langai because the company is specialized in very specific areas. The competition of specific area will be analysed in more details later in this chapter.

As the portfolio of Uostamiesčio Langai products is very wide, it was decided that only the business area of profile windows be analysed. In this paper only two types (aluminium and uPVC) of profile windows will be analysed in particular. These types are the core products of Uostamiesčio Langai in the field of window production.

The companies production is sold in more than 3 countries worldwide (Lithuania, Latvia and Norway), however only 25% of revenues comes from international markets. Therefore domestic market (Lithuanian) was selected for further analysis.

The company produces three type of aluminium profile window systems: concept system 104, concept system 77 and concept system 59. Concept system 104 is considered as the latest and the most innovative window profile systems that reaches the extreme insulation level (down to 0.88 W/m²K). Such profile window systems offer different levels of burglar resistance (triple glazing applicable) and has an ultime water and tightness protection. Meanwhile, concept system 77 is a standard window profile system that offers the insulation level down to 1.7 W/m²K . The system meets the strictest European standards and is available in different burglar resistance levels (class 1 and 2). Lastly, the concept system 59 stands for non-insulated profiles window profile systems. Such systems are ideal for indoor office spaces, winter gardens or for the warm climate zones that do not face severe winters.

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