Literary work

J. K. Rowling „Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows“. Theme. Facing death in the name of love and sacrifice. By – themes. The difficulty of loving the dead, the importance of second chances and keeping faith with the dead. Main idea. The fight between Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter. Plot. Exposition. Conflicts. Climax. Denouement. Main Characters. My opinion abot the literary work. Vocabulary.

Exposition. Action is set in various places of Great Britain, in the present.

My opinion abot the literary work. This book, in my poinion, is one of the best books of Harry Potter. There are lots of action and adventures, constantly hovers suspense, so it is very interesting to read.

Vocabulary. Wisdom – išmintis ; atrocity – žiaurumas, žvėriškumas ; conquer – užkariauti/nukariauti ; engulf – praryti ; impenetrable – nepereinamas/neįžengiamas ; dazzling – akinantis.

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