Lithuania heritage sites

Lithuania heritage sites.

I’m going to tell you about country , where I live –Lithuania, which is most famous for it’s heritage sites. I would like to recommend 3 sights ,which is significant for Lithuanian people and which in my opinion every tourist definitely should see.

My first chosen place – Vilnius old town .It’s located in the biggest and the most important city, the capital of Lithuania. Here is the administrative, cultural, political and business center. The Old Town includes itself 74 blocks with 70 streets and lanes here.

The Old town is meaningful , because preserved an impressive architectural complex of buildings. Here are remained authentic buildings, which belongs to various architectural styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism. They all harmoniously blend with each other. Because of it’s unique architecture the Old Town was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

As well as the Old Town is an important cultural center. There are many museums and galleries, such as National Gallery of Art, which has stored 46 thousands works of paintings, sculptures, drawing and photography.

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