Lithuania is one of the European countryest

Lithuania is one of the European country which is very beautiful and have a lot of forest. Vilnius is capital of Lithuania and Kaunas another big city with is temporary capital. Lithuania attracts many tourists due to the landscape, historical monuments, museums, art exhibitions. This country have very good geographical position, famous painter and also one of the famous European basketball team. Fist of all Lithuania have very good location. There is the Baltic sea, which very good for transport, because for transporting goods it is one of the cheaper way. Of course Baltic Sea attracts a lot of tourists.

Secondly important things is that Lithuania have a lot of famous painters who are know all world. For example Mykolojus Monstantinas Čiurlionis this painter is famous not only in Lithuania. His works are exhibited in many countries also many people admire him. Probably the most famous Čiurlionis woks is named "Rex", created in 1909.

The third point is Lithuania have very big and famous basketball team Kauno “Žalgiris” witch knows all Europe. The team is located in city of Kaunas .It is the oldest and the most titled basketball club in Lithuania. In 1998-1999. season ranked first in the Lithuanian Basketball League and won the Euroleague Cup. In total over 19 seasons“ LKL“ Žalgiris 14 times LKL became champions (1994-1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012.).

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