Lithuania tradicion holidays

Lithuanian Traditional Holidays. New years;. Day of Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania;. Day of Restitution of Independence of Lithuania;. Shrove Tuesday;. Easter;. Mother's Day;. St. John’s Day, Midsummer Day;. Day of the Statehood;. Assumption Day;. All Saints’ Day;. Christmas.

Mid-August the Lithuanians have long celebrated the turn of summer and autumn, when the main field work was already destined to succeed. Assumption - a farewell to the green shoots and flowers day. Cereals are already cut and transported to gather berries and fruits, cooked jam. Women gathered on this day the most beautiful flower fields, herbal products, thanks to the Land for the harvest and the beauty. Every year the Lithuanian churches held solemn feast Assumption. Churches priestesses field herbs, flowers, cereals and vegetables.

Lithuania since ancient times, people believed in the living and thedead, communication, past help their loved ones. It was believed thatghosts of the dead people to visit in late autumn. So, not in vain evenmentioned in the beginning of November the two celebrated ghosts.November 1 - All Saints Day. November 1st. to mention the people after his death declared saints.It is believed that the saints to help people when they pray.

24th of December – Christmas Eve25th – 26th of December – Christmas.

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