Lithuanian countryside tourism association

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Lithuanian countryside tourism association. Goals of the lithuanian countryside tourism association. Members representation. Eurogites (european federation of farm and village tourism). Consulting. The lithuanian countryside tourism association offers free consultations. Consultations. Cover the following fields:. Publications. Countryside tourism. Countryside tourism. Legislation. Lithuania. Countryside vacation. Countryside tourism. Proprietary trademark of the lithuanian countryside tourism association.

Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association started in 1997, when there were only 17 homsteads. Until this year, their number increased by 23 times. Today association unites about 400 members. It‘s not only rural population providing rural tourism services, but also people who are still planing to build this business regional tourism center staff. Throughout the fourteen years of existence, the Association of rural tourism sites have become the cultural centers of small rural communities where there are artists‘ workshop, a creative carvers and sculptors camps, conferences, etnic festivals, culinary and etnic heritage renovation.

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