Lithuanian human activity in public life

Lithuanian human activity in public life. Plan. Lithuanian human activity in public life. Election in Kaunas city. Municipal council election. The aims of Public election committee ,,Kaunas united”. The aims of Homeland union – Lithuania Christian democrats. Mayor election. The new mayor Vislvadas Matijošaitis. 2015 election in Kaunas. International non -governmental organization. Activity problems in NGO. The end. Source list.

Made by: Paulius Vencevicius Sandra Čeponaitė Nora Jakubauskaitė.

Activity in public life Elections Election in Kaunas city Non-governmental organization Caritas Lithuania activity in public life advantages and disadvantages or problems.

Activity in public life/political activity have 2 parts: Elections (Mayor Election, presidential election, council elections) (Voting) Non-governmental organization.

Elections - a political process in which a certain group of people elect representatives or officials.

Lithuania Presidential elections - direct, democratic, universal, equal and direct suffrage and secret ballot based during elections, during which the elected President of the Republic of Lithuania.

Lithuanian municipal council elections - elections in which a four-year collection of 60 Lithuanian municipal council.

Direct election of the mayor is a novelty Lithuania, prevailed in 2015.

Public election committee ,,Kaunas united” - 29.64% of all votes (16 mandates) Homeland union – Lithuanian Christian democrats – 23.19% of all votes (13 mandates).

Create a safe and clean living environment To improve business environment To create sustainable transport system To optimize bureaucracy machine and ensure clear activity Reduce discrimination between people.

To take care of cultural life of Kaunas citizens Kaunas have to become the European capital of culture To create more place of work Kaunas have to be a safer place to live Improve conditions of road.

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  • Lithuanian human activity in public life
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