London's famous landmarks

London's famous landmarks. Today, I will present you about. Parliament House. Tower Bridge. Tauerio castle. Westminster Abbey. Buckingham Palace. St. Paul's Cathedral. Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. The British Museum. The Eye of London. Oxford street. Sources. Have a nice day.

Parliament House; Tower Bridge; Tauerio castle; Westminster Abbey; Buckingham Palace; St. Paul's Cathedral; Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery; The British Museum; The Eye of London; Oxford street.

The Parliament House, landed on the shore of the Thames is one of London's symbols together with the clock tower, which is equipped with Big Ben - the bell, weighing 14 tons. From 2012. To commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, the clock tower officially renamed Elizabeth Tower.

Long years, the fortress served not only for defensive purposes, but also as a prison and place of torture. But also it was one of the royal residences and treasury. Today it is a museum that contains the royal jewels and history.

St. Paul's Cathedral in London emerged in the 18th century. From a distance, the city in the background stands a huge white dome, which is considered the second largest in the world (110 meters high). From this great dome overlooking the London skyline.

Trafalgar Square is the symbolic center of the city. It emerged 50 meters high column dedicated to the memory of the British admiral Nelson.

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