Luckiest unluckiest man Essay

Luckiest unluckiest man Essay.

One cold winters day in 1962 Frane Salek was riding a train, when unexpectedly train jumped of the railroad and fall into a freezing river. While all other passengers died in crash, Frane with broken arm managed to escape and swim to shore. This unfortunate incident called other 6 facing death situation in his life. A year after train crash, he was passenger of a plane that crashed. Fortunately, before crash, plane doors fall off and Frane managed to land in a haystack. Another 2 years went by before next accident. This time while traveling by bus, it crashed on bridge and fall down into the valley below. 4 passengers were killed but not Frane. Terrified from public transport, he decided to drive only with his own car.

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  • Luckiest unluckiest man Essay
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