Capital city and other cities. Famous landmarks Casemates. Famous people Joseph Barthel. Jean Baptiste Nicolas Robert Schuman. My favorite thing about Luxembourg.

Capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg. It is also the largest city. There live 76 420 people. The second largest city is Esch-sur-Alzette with 28 000 people. And the third largest city is Differdange has got 19 005 people. There are 12 cities in total in Luxembourg.

There are 62,7% of Luxembourgers, 13,2% of Portuguese, of Italian 4,6% of Italian, 4,6% of French, 3,4% of Belgians, 2,4% of German, 0,9% of Dutch.

The majority of Luxembourg’s native citizens are Roman Catholic (95%), with a small number of Protestants (mainly Lutherans), Jews, and Muslims.

Luxembourg is multicultural because neighboring countries Germany, France and Belgium has influenced its culture.

The major writers were the essayist Marcel Noppeney (1877–1966) / and the poet Michel Rodange (1827–1876) /. They used French or German in their works.

Luxembourg is famous for its banking services. There are around 156 banks from 25 countries operating there.

Luxembourg is one of the centers for European Union institutions, which is also important for its economy.

I like Luxembourg because it is warm in winter in this country.

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