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Madagascar. island. Vilnius. One of the. Where? Madagascar island is located in the Indian Ocean. People. Population - Asian. Animal life. Island is a. Flora. Flowering plant species. Nature. Is full of golden beaches, which moves in the palm groves. Most famous area. Cindži de Bemaraha. Most travelers to. Southern part of the region Cindži is adapted for the tourists purposes. In my opinion, if possible, everyone should visit the island of Madagascar. Questions. What animal is the most impressive on the island of Madagascar. Reference. Thank you for you attention Have a good day.

One of the African Island One of the largest island in the world That’s a country, with its own language, capital, currency Has more than 20 million inhabitants.

Madagascar island is located in the Indian Ocean, 400 km far away from the east coast of Africa, From Africa to be appointed by the Mozambique Channel. Island is 1600 km long (north – south). Island’s area - 600 000 km².

Island is a home to more than a quarter of million animals Exceptional animals – lemurs (found 15 species) Also rich in shining lizards, iguanas,urchins, here running the puma and a dog hybrids - fosses.

Flowering plant species found here 8000 Leaf shape and greatness surprising woody exotic ferns - this ancient plants. Island decorated with 6 types of Baobab, they can grow up to 5-25 m in height and have a trunk diameter of up to 3-12 m.

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