Magnesium reaction with Oxygen

Magnesium reaction with oxygen under high temperature. Magnesium oxide solid 2MgO. Materials used Chemicals. Mass 1. Mass 2. Mass 3.

Crucible with the lid on, containing magnesium, was placed on the pipe clay triangle. Bunsen burner was lit with gentle blue flame, later increased to a roaring flame (with the air hole fully opened) to get reaction going. Soon the crucible heated up, the lid was lifted gently using tongs, to allow oxygen to get in and reaction to happen. At the beginning the base was just glowing, before the magnesium was hot enough. Later on when the reaction was in progress, every time the lid was lifted and magnesium was reacting with oxygen, more glowing and a little sparkle was seen, as well as some gas escaping. If the lid was left off for too long, magnesium would ignite. When the reaction was completed the magnesium would no longer ignite when exposed to oxygen.

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  • Magnesium reaction with Oxygen
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