Makeup Case Study

Client Profile. Skin Analysis. Treatment Details. Client Feedback.

Naomi is 18 years old student. She has a big interest in fashion and beauty and is planning to study Beauty therapy in Pembroke College. Her lifestyle is active- she is involved in lots after school activities, such as sports and community charity work and modeling at the weekends. She is going out with her friends very often and wears make up every day. Her favorite cosmetic brand is Mac and she would like to work as Mac beauty consultant after her studies. She likes to experiment with her makeup and hair and is changing styles so often.

Naomi’s diet isn’t well balanced- she likes take away meals and is having fizzy drinks and eats sweets every day. She prefers sweetened drinks then water.

Naomi is using sun beds regularly, usually 1-2 times a week. Her skin care routine is just to clean make up in evening; she uses moisturizer sometimes, but doesn’t use toner.

Naomi’s face is round shape, her eyes are small and slightly close set and her lips are full.

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