Making progress in health care

Making progress in. health care (unit 6). Contents. Introduction. In. Healthy People 2010 (I). Healthy People 2010 (II). Consequences (I). Consequences (II). Healthy people 2020 (I). Healthy people 2020 (II). Healthy people 2020 (III). Healthy people 2020 (IV). Conclusion. Sources used. Take care of your health and enjoy your life!

Faculty of health sciences made by Evelina puidokaitė 2016.

Introduction in 1999 healthy people 2010 consequences  healthy people 2020 sources used.

     Health care are very important almost all of us. It includes a lot of things in our everyday lives.

About 20 years ago (In 1999) human life expectancy was much shorter than now. Disease incidence was also higher.

In 2010 introduction of a program - human life expectancy has increased It also reduces the spread of major diseases.

Preparation of a detailed project healthy people 2020 goals were discussed countless principles.

In these days, people's health is getting better, life expectancy increases, we have a new technologies in the medical field, more and more people care about their lifestyles and health.

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