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Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Define gdp. Presentation and analysis of GDP figures in the last 5 years available. Relationship between GDP per capita and labor market. Nominal and real growth of GDP. Definition and measurement. In Lithuania. Potential gdp. Statistic. Public Accounts. References.

By Lithuanian Labor Exchange data, in 2014 the average annual registered unemployment rate, which is calculated as the ratio between the territorial labor exchanges registered unemployed and the working-age population, was 1.4 percent lower than in 2013 and amounted to 9.5 percent. It is forecasted that in 2015 it is expected to fall by 9 percent. It is expected that during the summer season, the registered unemployment rate will dip about 1 percent. Men's average annual registered unemployment rate in 2014 was 9.6 percent while for women - 9.3 percent. Even the men's average annual registered unemployment rate still remains slightly higher than that of women in 2014 it decreased by 0.4 percent more than women. It is forecasted that in 2015 men's average annual registered unemployment can catch up with and even become lower than that for women the average annual registered unemployment.

After a deep recession (real GDP decline in 2009 -14,9% Lithuania has one of the highest in the EU) Lithuanian economy back on a strong and constantly growing, with real GDP over the past year increased by about 3%. Earlier, the economic recovery was driven by exports, in 2013. strong domestic demand has become the main incentive for growth factor (Figure 1.1). It is estimated that Lithuania's real GDP will grow 3.0% in 2014, and is expected that the growth rate will be similar in the next few years. Despite continuing geopolitical uncertainties and the anticipated economic slowdown in Russia, it is estimated that private sector demand will remain high because of wage growth and lower inflation should increase household disposable income.

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