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To begin with today it is very popular to live in a big city where there are a lot of different activities. So, I am going to write about Marijampolė, this city is one of the biggest city in Lithuania. This city is my favorite city in Lithuania.

So, my favorite city is Marijampole, this city is in southwest of Lithuania, bordering Poland and Russian. It is believed that Marijampole was founded in 1667. Marijampole is the Lithuanian center of the Suvalkija region. This city is 10th place according to the Baltic ethnic (Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian) population levels. During the Soviet occupation (1945-1989) the city was officially named Kapsukas, but this city was called and by other names as Marietta, Mariampolu, Starapolė, Pašešupiai, Marjampol, Mariyampole.

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