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Marijampolė. The main facts. The location. Marijampole history. Architecture and Culture. Marijampole gymnasiums. Some views in Marijampole. Thank you for Your attention!.

Establishment- in 1667; Mayor-Vidmantas Brazys; Population(2011):-44 910 persons; Area-21 square kilometers; Population density (2011):-2 139 people/square kilometer.

In the old cemetery stands a monument which is dedicated for R. JUKNEVIČIAUS and other Lithuania deserved people. In Vytautas street there is a monument dedicated to the Grand Duke of Lithuania-Vytenis (it was created before the World War Two, rebuilt on 7th of March in 2009, the sculptor-Julius Narušis). And there are more monuments in city square. In 2010 there was built a monument, dedicated to Lithuanian language, people, and Lithuania’s Millennium (sculptor Kestutis Balčiūnas). Im Marijampolė’s Vytautas street, there operates a unique "Taurus" Partisan and Deportation Museum.

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