Marketing concept (2)

Marketing concept. Explain Clare’s chocolate’s micro and macro environment. Market research. Quantitative and qualitative research. Market segmentation and targeting.

Marketing can be described in several ways. One of them defines marketing as a complex system managing which requires a lot of research and useful information.

The concept of this case study is to maintain a happy and successful relationship with the consumers.

For marketing the most important segments are the customers and the competitors. Marketing organizer is running in a particular environment. The surroundings could be either internal or external. The internal environment (in other words-micro) involves marketing intermediaries, suppliers, competitors and the company itself. All these factors are controllable. The external environment (in other words-macro) involves economic, social, political and technological factors. All these factors are uncontrollable. Marketing is continually changing environment. The fastest changing is technologies. An example for this could be computer production technology evolution.

In this case study macro factors been founded:

Macro environment (social/cultural). Examples related to the case study: growing café culture in the UK, customers drink heavier beverages to avoid snacking, hot chocolate is more heavier then other drinks.

Macro environment (natural factors). Examples related to the case study: sales of chocolates peaking on special days of the year (Christmas, St Valentines day and Mothers day). The sales where rising during the summertime.

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