Marketing environment

Primark’s micro environment. Primark’s macro environment. Primark’s SWOT analysis. Primark ‘ s marketing mix The 4 ‘ Product.

Primark as a leading international clothing retailer carefully chooses its suppliers in order to maintain quality and efficiency. The company understands that suppliers form an important connection between customer value and delivery network. So Primark has very strict code of conduct for the firms that are supplying resources needed for production. The company takes this contract very seriously and highly involves its management board in regular reviews. Primark does not own any factories that could produce company’s goods. However, it has more than seven hundred reliable suppliers from countries such as India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Turkey.

This particular company seeks to provide its products by offering low price and high style. To make it real Primark operates in collaboration with its intermediaries such as, physical distributors, marketing services agencies and so on. However, the company recently removed some of their distributors and brokers that linked directly a Primark to its customers and created new intermediaries - online shops. Also company uses intermediaries as transport or IT departments. The company clearly understands that importance of intermediaries and relies on them as on partners.

Primark offers its products in face of competitors and does it quite successfully. In order to be profitable Primark gained competitive advantage against its competitors such as Topshop, H&M, New Look or River Island. Primark operates within cost leadership strategy and offers low prices and high quality clothing with minimal use of technology. However, competitor’s brands are widely advertised and it raises their brand awareness. As a result, Primark can consider that as a potential threat in a future.

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