Marketing of shipping companies

Marketing of shipping companies. Key stages of marketing implementation in shipping companies. The Stage of Diagnosis. Phase One Marketing Information System. Phase Two Analysis of Threats and Opportunities in Marketing Environment. Phase Three Shipping Market’s Segmentation. Figure Segmentation of Shipping Market. Phase Four Evaluation of Shipping Market Segments. Evaluate the market segments. Phase Five Choice Of The Target Market. The Stage of Planning. The Stage of Organization. The Stage of Implementation. The Stage of Control. An empirical research of marketing implementation in the largesttanker and liner companies in the world research methodology. Empirical Research in the Largest Tanker Shipping Companies. How do they Perceive the Charterers’ Requirements. Which Marketing Philosophy do they Adopt ? Which Marketing Strategy do they Apply. Empirical Research at the Largest Liner Operators. How do they Perceive the Shippers’ Requirements ? Which Marketing Philosophy do they Adopt. Which Marketing Strategy do they Apply ?
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  • Marketing of shipping companies
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