Marketing plan about travel agency

Summary. About the company. Pest analysis. Swot analysis. Seven p’s. Marketing objectives and strategy. Deduction. “traveling challenge“ ,while specializing in the organization of business and official trips and the sale of travel tickets, also offers a full range of travel services to those going abroad or visiting poland. Travel agency the main purpose is long-term and versatile collaboration with regular customers – enterprises, institutions, organizations and individual people. Our agency selects most people with higher income. The main competitors are travel companies which suggest cheaper travels, for that reason our agency diverge from other companies that it can suggest quality services, exotic travels, to organize everything from a to z and to satisfy all clients wishes.

Mission: ensure long-term cooperation with clients, based on the highest level of service standards, mutually beneficial partnerships, and maintaining a leadership position in the Poland tourism market.

The senior manager responsible for the organization of the agency. He coordinates the different departments to work together, supervise employees, forecasts of future performance and etc. He shall report to the company headquarters.

Marketing manager creates a good image of the agency, takes care of potential tourist attraction, and takes care of advertising and an annual open day, contact with the press.

Commercial manager take care of the travel agents, their training, services, quality control, delivery of tickets for tourists. He shall report to the senior manager and carry out important business functions.

Travel agents works with clients, offers them travel packages, discounts, inform about new proposals, last minute tickets and etc.

Accountant implement of enterprise accounting, annual financial reporting, organize of accounting.

Place and work time: Our company works from 9.30 to 21:00 every day and weekends too, that our clients could all the time reach us. Our filial located in old town of Bialystok and the main headquarter is in Warsaw.

Most popular proposals for far trips and their prices:

Costa Rica (seven nights in hotel, car rent, plain tickets) price 1428 EU.

Africa Safari (six nights with breakfast, dinner and supper in a camp, guide, bus) price 1142 EU.

Morocco (three nights in hotel with all inclusive, guides, plain) price 857 EU.

Cruise throw Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand (fifteen days travel, all inclusive, entertainments in ship (sport club, swimming pool, jacuzzi)) price 1057 EU.

Most popular proposals for travels in Europe and Poland:

Krakow (three nights in hotel, included travels to salt mine and Auschwitch, bus tickets) price 158 EU.

Gdansk (two nights in hotel, guide, bus tickets) 130 EU.

Tourism is developing in a lot of world countries for that reason agency has the ability to offer a wide range of services and satisfy client’s wishes.

The unstable political situation in some countries, limits agency efforts to satisfy all client’s wishes.

The economic environment is the purchasing power fluctuations. Purchasing power depends on income, price level and availability of credit accumulation. In Poland currently economical situation is stable, quite high unemployed level approximately 11%, low income level, weak zloty exchange rate. We will analyze main factors which make the biggest influence for travel agency:

Polish people travels to foreign countries to find better job. And our agency offers to transact all documents connected with travels.

Also the weak zloty exchange rate gives ability for foreign tourists for low price to travel around the Poland.

Valued in society values, such as family offers tremendous opportunities for travel agency offering tours for families.

Technological environment for the marketing mainly affects new products and services in areas already developed, and the goods and services improving. Travel agency “Travel challenge” is using new technologies. In the company is high-quality computer system, faxes, copiers. Agency has modern reservation system which allows with expedition to order tickets and to choose the most optimal travel variant.

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