Marketing plan of snow arena

Introduction. Backgroung. Structure. Services. Market research. Swot analysis. Marketing strategy. Competition. Launch. Bibliography.

The aim of this marketing plan is to introduce the new service – a Snow Arena, into the Portugues market. The idea of our business is to offer something new to the Portuguese culture and entertiment for the whole family. Our job will include an introduction to the company and the service question. The service is new for this market and has no direct competitors, whereas we base our initial assumption that there is a profitable niche in the dairy market. Therefore, in this marketing plan we analyse the market we have used the survey method and analysed the data gathered in order to distinguish which of the market segments to target. The survey was also intended to gather quantitative data to indentify and capture needs of our target maket. We found that a bigger demand for untried activities exist and that it may also replace some other common amusements. Based on the market research we have developed a SWOT analysis to grasp a better look at where the service would stand in terms of the market and how we aim to use the strenghts and opportunities to cast a shade on our threats and weaknesses. In our marketing strategy we explain in detail the actions we wish to take in order to make this service a success. The marketing strategy is also intended to explain the service and its unique selling points clearly. Since Portugal does not have a Snow Arena we expect that a lot of costumers will willingly visit it and find skiing, sliding and snowboarding as new sport hobbies, and bring profit to our company. Towards the end of the report is a description of the service launch and all the strategic preparations we will take before and during the actual launch of Snow Arena in the market.

A Snow Arena in Lithuania (Druskininkai city) was opened in the year of 2011. The complex is one of the biggest in Europe – the general track is longer than 1100 meters, the width almost 50 meters and the height is 65, 65 meters. Inside the complex there is also a fitted 150 meters long beginner route.

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