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Matilda. Author. Roald Dahl Norwegian (1916-1990 ) was a British novelist. Plot. Matilda is a bright little girl who is very eager to learn. Main characters. Matilda- Matilda has black hair and is small in size. Words. Absorbed- intensely engaged. Questions. Who is Matilda’s.

Absorbed- intensely engaged, engrossed. Mug- a large cup. Outhouse- an outbuilding containing a toilet. Mileage- a number of miles traveled or covered. Ghastly- causing great horror or fear. Wedge- a piece of wood, metal, or some other material. Unscrew- unfasten or be unfastened by twisting. Grin- a broad smile. Amazement- a feeling of great surprise or wonder. Bluebottle- the wild cornflower.

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