Maxima shop

“Maxima” Shop. Maxima is the pirst largest retail network in Lithuania. “Iki”. Currently, the retail chain “IKI” Lithuania owned 225 “Maxima. Marketing. Maxima retail chain is one of the largest employers in the Baltic countries. Maxima store items MaximaX 4,5 MaximaXX 35 MaximaXXX. Structure. In 1992 Žydrūnas. History. More than twenty years working in the MAXIMA Lithuania became a business phenomenon. Little more history. MAXIMA business is simple and casual - create convenience stores. Staff. Gerard Director. Thank you for listening.

Currently, the retail chain “IKI” Lithuania owned 225 “Maxima, Maxima “x” “xx” “xxx” stores.

Maxima store items: MaximaX 4,5 MaximaXX 35 MaximaXXX 65.

In 1992 Žydrūnas Valkeris opened it’s first three innovative grocery store in all Lithuania. 1992. Lithuania opened the first store.

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