Mechanical engineer inventions

Regenerative heat exchanger. Summary. Full Description. Problem this idea/invention addresses. Auxiliary products or services for sale. Spark Ignition 50cc Engine with the power 11 kW@7500 RPM and EURO-5 emission. Roll acted bearing. Rotor valve tube cylinder head. Supercharger Kit for small diesel engines with the displacement of 200cc to 1,200cc. Internal combustion engine with 2-stroke/4-stroke switching during its operation.

Summary:Replaces the origenal cylinder head with no valves and springs. with Unique operating prosess. Unique Direct fuel injection system for any FUEL! (Liquid or Gas)Full Description:Rotary Valve Tube system for air intake and exhaust gasses on any 4-stroke internal combustion engine. One Port for Air-Intake and Exhaust That covers 85% of piston surface.the ports opens 10degrees before TDC and can stay open for !0 deg. after piston reaches the bottom.(The full Length of Piston Stroke)Therefore more air in and more gasses out.A Unique Direct fuel injection System for any Fuel (Liquid or Gas)Prototype almost ready!Problem this idea/invention addresses:More economical, more powerfull and more enviorment friendly cylinder head for any 4 stroke internal combustion engine.

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