Menu anglų kalba

Anglų savarankiškas darbas.

Spinach cheese dip. Classic sliders. Pastrami sliders. Chicken nachos. Veggies soup vegan , gluten free. Cream of chicken and wild rice soup. Potato leek soup. Italian wedding soup. Main dishes chicken casserole. Fishermans pie. Vegetable moussaka. Chicken or veal piccata. Desserts chocolate lava cake. Ginger pear tart. Exotic bomba. Drinks green tea cappucino mineral water espresso martinni.

I have choose this menu because my restaurant has gourmet kitchen. There will be offered food and healthy recipes from different countries. I want to show to Lithuanians what gourmet eats and how healthy food is. My menu will be offering food and drinks from different countries with a original healthy image which does not have Lithuanian restaurants. As you know gourmet uses a lot off healthy products like olive oil, tomatoes, basil, risotto rice, onions, chicken and etc. The menu is medium sized, and medium low priced offering items with a common theme healthy (low fat, low cholesterol, natural ingredients), flavorful, and familiar.

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