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Message to the world

Nowadays, when we open any news website, we can see many articles about accidents, nature catastrophes, deaths and murders. What is happening to the world? As Black Eyes Peas sings - “Where is the Love?”

First of all, we all have heard about global warming. Many people have been trying to solve this problem for quite many years; however, I can only hear bad news about that, none of good ones. People just don’t care. They think that there is enough ozone left for the rest of their lives, but they don’t care about what is going to happen after them.

Secondly, money has become the most important thing for people. Now it is even more important than love, friends, family and country. Patriotism does not play a significant role any more. Folks think that the only way to be happy is to buy it. Honestly, I can’t stand such people like that. I feel humbled, when I give my hand to this type person. We all should talk to our grandparents, about the all vales of their young days.

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