MikroTik RouterOS Training Class

MikroTik RouterOS. Training Class. Course Objective. About MikroTik. MikroTik's History. Where is MikroTik? Registration. Where is MikroTik ? Introduce Yourself. What is RouterOS ? What is routerboard ? Communication. Data transferring. MAC address. Ip. Subnets. Selecting IP address. Selecting IP address Example. Winbox. Download Winbox. First Time Access. Connecting. Connecting Lab. Diagram. Laptop - Router. Laptop Router Diagram. Router Internet. Router - Internet. Router Internet. Laptop - Internet. Private and Public space. Laptop - Internet. Check Connectivity. What Can Be Wrong. Network Diagram. User Management. User Management Lab. Upgrading Router Lab. Upgrading Router. Package Management. Package Information. Package Lab. Router Identity. Router Identity Lab. Ntp. Why ntp. Ntp client. Configuration Backup. Backup Lab. RouterOS License. License. Obtain License. Update License for 802. 11N. Summary. Useful Links. Firewall. Firewall Filter. Filter Chains. Firewall Chains. Input. Input Lab. Input. Address-List. Address-List in Firewall. Address-List Lab. Forward. List of well-known ports. Forward. Firewall Log. Firewall chains. Firewall chains in Action. Firewall chain Lab. Connections. Connection State. Network Address Translation. Nat. Src-nat. Dst-nat. Nat chains. Dst-nat. Dst-nat example. Redirect. Redirect example. Redirect Example. Src-nat. Masquerade. Src-nat limitations. Nat helpers. Firewall Tips. Connection Tracking. Torch. Firewall Actions. Nat actions. Bandwidth Limit. PART. Simple Queue. Using Torch. Specific Server Limit. Bandwidth Test Utility. Bandwidth Test on Router. Bandwidth Server. Bandwidth Test. Traffic Priority. Simple Queue Monitor. Advanced Queing. PART. Mangle. Mangle Actions. Optimal Mangle. Mangle Example. Mark Connection. Mark Packet. Mangle Example. Advanced Queuing. Pcq. PCQ, one limit to all. One limit to all. PCQ, equalize bandwidth. Equalize bandwidth. Wireless. part. What is Wireless. Wireless Standards. Supported Bands. Supported Frequencies. Apply Country Regulations. Radio name. Wireless Network. Station Configuration. Connect List. Connect List Lab. Access Point Configuration. Snooper wireless monitor. Registration Table. Security on Access Point. Default Authentication. Access-List Lab. Security. Configuration Tip. Drop Connections between clients. Default Forwarding. Nstreme. Nstreme Lab. Bridging. part. Bridge Wireless Network. Bridge. Create Bridge. Add Bridge Port. Bridge. Bridge Wireless. Set wds mode. Add Bridge Ports. Access point wds. AP-bridge. WDS configuration. Wds. Wds lab. Restore Configuration. Routing. part. Route Networks. Route. Routes. Default Gateway. Set Default Gateway Lab. Dynamic Routes. Routes. Static Routes. Static Route. Route to Your Neighbor. Network Structure. Route To Your Neighbor. Route Your Neighbor. Router To Your Neighbor. Dynamic Routes. OSPF configuration. Local Network Management. PART. Access to Local Network. Arp. Arp table. Static ARP table. Static ARP configuration. Static arp lab. Dhcp server. Dhcp-server setup. Important. Dhcp server lab. DHCP Server Information. Winbox Configuration Tip. Static Lease. Hotspot. part. HotSpot. HotSpot Usage. HotSpot Requirements. HotSpot Setup. Important Notes. HotSpot Help. HotSpot Setup Lab. HotSpot Network Hosts. HotSpot Active Table. User Management. HotSpot Walled-Garden. Bypass HotSpot. HotSpot Bandwidth Limits. HotSpot User Profile. HotSpot Advanced Lab. HotSpot Lab. Tunnels. part. Pppoe. Pppoe client setup. Pppoe client lab. Pppoe client setup. Pppoe server setup. Ppp secret. Ppp profiles. Ppp profile. Pppoe. Pools. Pool. Ppp status. Pptp. PPTP configuration. Pptp client. Pptp server. Pptp server clients. Ppp profile. Pptp lab. Proxy. part. What is Proxy. Enable Proxy. Transparent Proxy. Http firewall. Web-page logging. Web-Pages logging. Cashing to External. Store. Add Store. Dude. Dude Install. Dude. Dude First Launch. Dude Lab. Dude Usage. Troubleshooting. Lost Password. Routerboard license. Bad Wireless Signal. No Connection. Before Certification Test. Certification Test. Certification test. Instructions.
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