MILKA New product

Introduction. Summary. Business analysis. Marketing plan. Production plan. People and action plan. Financial plan. Swot analysis. Conclusions. References.

Our project aim is to expand our field of activity which will increase Mondelez profit. Also, it will give us energy in the tough morning. For the kids this coffee ,cocoa will be perfect dose of vitamins.

acquired protection in the global confectionery market as part of the Milka trademark. Since 1972, the Milka cow has been actively used as a brand symbol and a synonym for the exclusive use of Alpine milk. The cow, the embodiment of ‘the most tender temptation since chocolate began’, is now the subject of many anecdotes. Back in the 1970s, though, nobody could have ever imagined that the lilac cow would one day become a household figure

Mondelez is one largest companies, making food products. The biggest part of production consist of sweets, also we make baby food and drinks.

All of our company employees are well qualified and they have opportunity to improve their skills in various conferences, trainings.

We make new product, which is intended not only for adults, but also for children. This product is abundant of vitamins.

Nutritional information : Nutritional value 100 g: calorific value 1585 kJ/379 kcal, protein 4,5 g, carbohydrates 82 g, sugar 80 g, fat 2,5 g, saturated fatty acid 1,4 g, fibrous material 6,9 g, sodium 0,10 g. vitamins and minerals: folic acid 153 μg, vitamin C 46,7 mg, niacin 16,8 g, vitamin E 9,6 g, pantothenic acid 1,7 g, vitamin B6 1,2 g, vitamin B1 0,9 g, calcium 120 mg, magnesium 153,3 mg.

Biggest risk of our new product line is competition with other similar products, which have their place in the market

Some people may start to abuse our production and make damage for health

The goal for “Mondelez” is to make products line, which will help people · Cacao helps to fight against depressionand improves your mood. It also provides sprightliness. Containing theobromine activates respiratory and cardiovascular activity, however it doesn't have any effect on nervous system. That's why cacoa is a suitable drink for people, who can't drink coffee or strong tea. It provides organism with useful materials. Cacao consists a lot of zinc, iron, fiber and vitamins. Cacao is also useful for people who are dieting: it helps to fight against unnecessary kilograms, speeds up metabolism. The most important thing is not to overuse it. Cocoa beans tastes similar to chocolate, however cocoa is not as sweet, so there are endless ways to use it.

The Mondelez company basic business area is food production. We make baby food, chocolates, ice cream, cookies. Our production is buyable in and estimated all over the world. Our products can be bought in almost all shops in the world, even in Lithuania.

The fat component of chocolate is called cocoa butter. About half of the weight of cocoa beans (50–57 %) consists of cocoa butter, which provides melting properties. Chocolate glaze is intermixed cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Cocoa powder is excreted from cocoa beans.

Other substances: caffeine– 230 mg; theobromine – 2057 mg. Listed minerals are mainly in cacao powder, not in the chocolate glaze or cocoa butter.

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