Millau bridge

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In the 1991 the decision was taken. A bridge would be built a few kilometres to the west of the town: this is the “median“ route, selected by ministerial on the 28th of June 1989. The directive voted on the 29th of October 1991 adopted the “hight solution“

In the 1996 following a call for tender, the solution designed by the chief engineer Michel Virlogeux, and drafted by architect Lord Norman Foster, was chosen. A multi-stay cabled construction would appear in the sky above the Aveyron department. Its aesthetic aspect and its integration in the surrounding landscape appealed to the government departments and was preferred over four other projects: a bridge of constant thickness, one of variable thickness, a viaduct with stays stretched under the deck and a construction with one single central arch.

In the 1998 the government granted the concession for the construction and operation of the viaduct, for a period of 78 years, including 3 years for the construction.

After all planning and preparation for a unique structure in October of 2001 following call for tender, the alliance of concrete (for the piers) and steel (for the deck) recommended by the Groupe Eiffage received government approval. Concrete has the necessary endurance qualities. Steels allows for the construction of a thin, lightweight deck. On the 14th of December, the construction began.

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