Modeling of mechatronic system

Introduction. Dynamic model of the object. Motion equation of model. Model of the object in simulink. Object frequency simulation with solidworks. Conclusions. Bibliography.

In our modern industry humans hard work are not so necessary, it is attempt to change into robot work. Mechatronic and robotics systems can be controled without phisically touching. Operations of mechatronics assembly conveyor are ensure by sensors are located along the entire lenght. Productivity, flexibility, production are the most important aspects in manufacturing. Optimizing the cycle times for each conveyor task increase productivity and decrease expenses. However the increase speed of actor elements can lead negative consequences. Engine vibrations can impair structure of conveyor or demage sensors.

First step to ensure reliable, safe and efficient operation of the machine is to determine device dynamic characteristics and possibles weskness. To do this job quickly and cheaply we should make virtual simulations. There are created many software programs to make simulation, we will use Solidworks, Matlab and its subsystem Simulink.

To construct dynamic model of the object we can choose 4 main bodys. First body is frame which we can set as absolutely rigid body. Second and third are pulleys J1 and J2. Last one is suport body with mass m1. In device testing time pulleys and suport body are effecting by torque M(t). This torque create vibrations. Others system parameters are damping h and stiffness k coeficients.

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  • Modeling of mechatronic system
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