Modern Technologies and Education

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Hello, now I‘m going to talk about Well, firstly I‘ll discuss the data of the survey. Next, I‘ll tell you about modern information technologies and their benefits. And finally, I‘ll tel you about distance learning. So, I would like to start.

So, we have the question is about whether people have and use laptop. As you can see 8 percent of the respondents have computers, but rarely use it. Others people about 14-26 per cent replied that they don‘t have it, but would like to have a computer. Of course, there are people who don‘t need it. And finally, about 36 percent of those surveyed said that they have and use laptop. Speaking about me, I also have a laptop and I use it every day, when I doing homework, looking for information, shopping and so on.

Well, in terms of modern IT, I think that today it‘s very advanced, because we use them every day.

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