Modern technology

Modern technologies anglu rasinys. Rašinys about technology. Anglu rasiniai technologies are make our life easier. Rasinys how phones changes our lives. Modern technologies rašinys. Angliskas referatas apie anglija.

Anglų kalbos rašinys apie modernias technologijas. Modern technology.

I noticed that now, when we all live in 21 sentury, everything is so modern, that some peouple makes robots to help them do simountanuesly manualed tasks that most peouple can‘t do. Like making cars. Some parts are so heavy, that they need to be picked up and transported by crane, but nowadays factories makes loads of money, becouse they invest ir robotics, not peouple. I guess that allot of peouple, that needs to use telephone for business can‘t live with out it, and not for business eather. Imagine if you left a walet in your office. You grab your phone and call your coleges to help you, to pick the walet and carry it to you. But what if you left your phone insted of a walet..? You have to go back to your office, get to your workplace and take your phone. Those technologies helps you to reach peouple eaven if there thousand miles away... Another thing. Computers. If they do not exist, you couldn‘t chek your e-mail, or go to chat with some friends on social sites. And here comes one more thing that you can‘t live with out. The internet.

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