Monologas. leisure time. why choose sports

Leisure time who choose sport. Leisure time why choose sports?.

Leisure time. Why choose sports?

My topic is about leisure time, why to choose sports. Firstly im going to tell you whitch benefits of sports are the most important, Secondly im going to talk about the most popular sports among young people in my country Lithuania. And finally i will make a short conclusion.

There are plenty of reasons why we should getting off the couch and doing some sports.

Our bodies are like cars, they need to move to function well. Physically, sport helps you lose weight, enjoy a more trained body and show stamina on the sports field. Of course sport is a good way of relieving stress. There are much more benefits of sports, but i will tell you only main ones. Mental benefits include: improved confidence, relaxing , reduction off illness.

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  • Monologas. leisure time. why choose sports
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