Monologue about dear person (mother)

Monologue about dear person (mother.

I am going to talk about dear person and divide my speech into 3 parts: first – who is that person, then – why this person is so precious to me, and in the end – other ways to show affection to people you care.

First, who is that person? This certainly my mom. She is conscientious and fair. What is more she is honest, confident and hardworking. Because of her good features she is also always ready to help and advise. In addition she tries for the good of the family. Though character helped her to make life better and also upbringing me.

Next, I want to answer the main question - why I’m thankful for her? Generally, we all are thankful for our parents, because only they teach us life.

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  • Monologue about dear person (mother)
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