Monologue about holiday abroad

For a summer holiday, I would choose a Germany capital – Berlin. In Berlin summer are not so hot, max temperature is 18. I don‘t like when it is very hot. In this city are a loto f theatres, historical museum and others culture object. I like history, so I will be very exicted if I got a chanse to know about other country culture, trtraditions. In Berlin are huge atracction park „ Heide Park“ which are full of actractions. This is an amusement park for the whole family, which includes 6 different entertainment zones: Fantasies and Mysteries countries, African depth, Berlin, Mexico and the Chinese city. They built a few hotels, has a large number of cafes and attractions. My biggest dream is learn a German language. In my opinion, it would be a good idea to choose Germany for a summer holiday, because I would have a great chanse to know about this culture, i would have a fun in atraction park and I learn a new language.

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  • Monologue about holiday abroad
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