Montenegro. Capital city of Montenegro Padgorica Continent Europe Population. First paragraph tourism. Padgorica is a. Second paragraph transport. In the city there isn't heavy traffic because there aren't many people. Third paragraph leisure. In their free. The fourth paragraph food. The people in Padgorica are friendly and helpful. Thats all for today see you next time bye Created by Arėjus Bajorūnas.

Capital city of Montenegro: Padgorica Continent: Europe Population: 670,000 Language: Montenegrin, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian Currency: Euro.

Padgorica is a very small city but it has a lot of natural plants and cauntryside, mild beaches, fast rivers and gorgeus mountains. It has a beautiful nightlife. You must see the Tara river canyon it is deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world.

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