Montessori preschool

X montessori preschool. Vision. Mision. Core values. Prechool goals. Academic goals. X ms works. Maria motessori said. the intellect builds up its store of practical ideas thruogh contact with. X ms. Montessorians. Five areas of knowledge.

Pasion for children-reason for being Itegrity-Adherence to the highest moral standards driven by aquality,honesty,trust and loyality Dedication- To the education safety for children,the needs for families,the intellectual growth Fun-Enthusiastic and passionate for ability to inspire continuos improvement and a love for laerning Professional-based on compassion,mutual respect and positive energy Nurturing-Empathetic to the needs for children,for families Dinamic-To challlenge and inspire children,each other prepare for and adapt to our changing world.

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