Motivation tools

Work motivation. Definition of motivation. Work motivation and importance. Tools and functions of work motivation. Work experience and motivation system in Lithuania. Executive summary. References.

The concept of motivation, motivation systems and theories should be discussed

basic definitions and concepts in order to understand what is the work motivation and why motivation so important in today's work enviroment. In general way motivation means the big force which motivates person to seek his goal and to do his best. According famous professor of psychology David Myers (2010) motivation also can be described as a need or recognition which heps to understand and change behaviour for reaching a main purpose. Motivation theory seeks to find out why a person behaves the way he looks the best, what are the needs, what goals it wants to achieve, what are the alternative behaviour. Many modern books isolated that motivation theories can be divided into two main categories. Theories, which are based on the needs of the people, which influence their behavior.

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