Moto - Auto sport

Introduction. Autocross. Rally cross. Off-road racing. Ice racing. Touring car racing. Drifting. Drag racing. Hill climbing racing. Conclusions. Dictionary. Resources.

The topic of my Individual project is autosport. I choose this topic because I like cars and for me very interesting autosport types. My aims in this project is introduce with motorsport species and to deepen my knowledge. So my project is about autosport. In this project I want introduce with: touring car racing, autocross, ice-racing, rallycross, drifting, off-road racing, drag racing, hill climbing racing and pickup truck racing. I strive to discribe all this sport species. For me this motor sport spieces most interesting, because this motor sport species is most popular and many people they know. I like auto sport and follow the news about autosport.

So I partly accomplish my aims. Because this topic is very broad I in this project describe most popular and most interesting auto - motosport species, but is more autorsport species just they very old or extinct and many people not interesting. In this project I deepen knowledge, learned history about racing, about race lenght and car power. When I do this project I understood more that motorsport is really intresting there are always something new. For me this project benefit it is such that I learned something new about motorsport and motorsport species. So I think that topic incompletely explored because this topic is very abroad. I think that this topic the remaining sub-themes I investigate in another project.

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